Unlock Your Homeownership Journey: A Reality Check for 2024

Let's get real.

Maybe it's time to break free from the landlord, become a homeowner, and set your own rules. Take this quick 5-question quiz to gauge if the time is now. (But, of course, honesty is key!)

🏡 Can you manage a down payment? It doesn't have to be a fortune, but having a decent amount (say 3-10% of the home price) sets you up for a competitive interest rate.

🏡 Do you have a stable income? While two years of employment is preferred, factors like a high credit score and a low debt-to-income ratio can compensate for a shorter work history.

🏡 Have you found your ideal location? If you're new to the area, take your time to explore. The right neighborhood will feel like home soon enough.

🏡 Are you planning to stay awhile? While no one can predict the future, aiming for 2-5 years in one place is ideal if you can swing it.

🏡 Are you comfortable with current home prices? They might be a bit high, but when you crunch the numbers, are you confident you can make it work?

Is 2024 the year you become a homeowner? I'm here to help make that decision easier for you. Let's keep it simple and have a brief chat about your goals and concerns.

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Born and raised in the peach state, I take pride in what I do and genuinely enjoy helping my clients. Let me be your go-to gal in real estate and help you personally through the process!