Setting the Perfect Listing Price

Many factors are considered to determine and decide on the asking price of a home. Working with a trusted and reputable real estate agent is critical to avoiding overpricing or underpricing your home.

If you overprice your home, it may take significantly longer to sell, and you could scare off potential buyers. 

If you underprice your home, you may sell within a couple of days and wonder if you could've gotten a better offer if you listed at a higher price.

A few factors that determine the right listing price for your home include:

1. The location of your home and the neighborhood it is in
2. The prices of recently sold homes in your area
3. The condition of your home
4. Improvements and updates you've made to your home
5. The market conditions in your area
6. The size of your home
7. The economy

Looking for a real estate agent to help you through the selling process?
I have the knowledge to educate you on the current market trends, answer your questions, and help you to set a listing price that will allow you to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. 

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