Decoding Georgia's Real Estate Landscape: Are Homes Truly Affordable?

Contemplating a move to Georgia?

If homeownership is on your radar, you're in for a treat. In this blog post, we delve into the affordability of homes in Georgia, exploring key data points and insights that can guide your decision-making process.


Understanding Georgia's Real Estate Market:


Median Home Value: At $206,804, the median home value in Georgia presents an attractive proposition for prospective buyers.

Recent Trends: Georgia's real estate market has seen a 4.9% increase in home values over the past year, showcasing a positive trajectory.

Future Projections: While a modest 1.5% decrease in home values is anticipated within the next year, Georgia remains a stable market for potential homeowners.

Price per Square Foot: With a median list price of $123 per square foot, Georgia offers a balanced equation of space and affordability.

Current Listings: The median price of homes currently listed stands at $260,700, providing a snapshot of the market's present dynamics.

Recent Sales: Homes that have recently sold in Georgia had a median price of $212,500, offering insights into achievable purchase prices.

Renting Scenario: For those considering renting, the median rent price in Georgia is $1,425, providing an alternative perspective on housing costs.

Mortgage Delinquency Rates: Georgia boasts a low 1.1% delinquency rate, mirroring the U.S. average and signaling financial stability among homeowners.

Homeownership Challenges: While the majority enjoy favorable conditions, 9.5% of Georgia's homeowners find themselves underwater on their mortgages, a point worth considering in the broader context.

Georgia stands out as an affordable housing market with favorable conditions for prospective homebuyers. The data indicates a steady and resilient real estate landscape, making it an opportune time to explore homeownership in the Peach State. As you weigh your options, consider these insights to make informed decisions about your future home in Georgia. Happy house hunting!


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Decoding Georgia's Real Estate Landscape: Are Homes Truly Affordable?

Contemplating a move to Georgia?

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