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5 Must-Know Tips for Homebuyers

Listen Up, Busy Homebuyers!

“ I'm about to share 5 essential tips that nobody tells you about buying a home, and ignoring them would be a huge mistake:"
  1. Buy in a top-rated school district, even if you don't have kids. It will make your home more attractive to future buyers.
  2. Don't max out your budget. Leave some wiggle room for unexpected repairs and expenses.
  3. Ask the sellers for items you want or need, like appliances or furniture. It never hurts to ask!
  4. After the home inspection, get a contractor to walk through the house with you. They can give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of any necessary repairs.
  5. Consider the resale value of the home when making your purchase. Even if you don't plan to sell soon, it's always a good idea to keep that in mind.
If you're thinking about buying a house this year, don't hesitate to send me a DM. I'd love to hear more about what you're looking for!

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