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    Attn. Sellers – Listen up!

    As sellers, we get so used to our own space, that we don’t realize how our home comes across to others. This may step on toes or hurt feelings, but as a real estate professional I’m here to be shoot you straight and be honest with you.  Keep these things in mind when showing your home! Your house needs to look AND smell clean, do everything you can to make that happen before you list. Clean up & repair any pet damage and do your best to keep signs of pets minimal while your house is for sale. Clutter…Clean it up. Get rid of it. Box it up. Put it…

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    Your Home 2020 vs. Now

    There’s no questioning it. Life today looks a lot different than it did in February 2020. While most of us have spent the better part of the last two years in our homes, it’s made us take a long, hard look at what we really want and need out of our dwellings. If you have been thinking about new space, more space or moving up will really help your family and the time you spend at home, let’s talk. Homeowners have some amazing equity built up from the last couple of years for sure, so let’s look at what that looks like for you … and how you can get…