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Buy and Sell Real Estate — at the same time. ⁣


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You decided you’re going to do it … You’re going to buy and sell real estate — at the same time. ⁣

The first thing to know is you’re not alone: 71% of buyers are also, simultaneously, sellers. The key to success on both ends of the deal is having a realtor to guide you through:⁣

– Prepping & pricing your current home⁣
– Market assessment for your current and prospective home⁣
– Offers and contingencies clauses⁣
– Financing options and lender referrals⁣
– Securing short-term housing if needed⁣

Yes, the Georgia real estate market is hot!  Which is even more reason why you should have a professional help guide you through this competitive real estate market.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, the best thing to do is to talk to an experienced professional, like Ansley, who can ease your worries. Send us an email or text and let’s set up a time to talk this week.

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