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4 Quick Tips to Get Top Dollar

Want to know my secret to getting top dollar when selling? 

Here are a few of my tips!

– Price it right. Setting the right price for your home is the single most important decision you’ll make when you decide to sell. Don’t worry—I can help get it right from day 1!

– Storage speaks. Buyers LOVE LOVE LOVE storage. Do whatever it takes to put your home’s closets and storage nooks on full display—even if it means clearing ‘em out.

– Enhance the entry. You use it as a place to unload your wallet, keys, mail, or loose change….when you’re selling, swap out the gadgets for a vase of fresh-cut flowers or a thriving houseplant.

– Clean is everything. Clean, clean, and then clean some more! Remember, you’ll be up against a few BRAND NEW homes. Don’t miss top dollar for lack of a little elbow grease.

There’s lots more I could share!  If you’re interested, reach out we’re here to help!

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