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3 Reasons to Buy Real Estate Now

I’m asked constantly, “How’s the real estate market?” and “When is the best time to buy or sell real estate?” And honestly, now’s the time! Here’s why …

  1. Spring Frenzy! It’s an active, attractive time of year. This is for lots of things, including property owners who are cleaning out, planting in their yard and naturally beautifying their home and property.
  2. Lower Prices. We are just coming out of the Winter months, when homes usually are reduced which will allow you to save a little when buying.
  3. Less Competition. Real estate inventory has been low, which means there is less competition for you as a Seller. But you want to get a jump in early-early Spring! Don’t wait!

We can talk more detail, but this is a few quick reasons to think about why NOW would be a great time to discuss your next real estate move!  Send an email, or call/text Ansley at 770-652-1809.

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